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Habits, Patterns & Behaviors


Loss, Grief & Bereavement Support


Past Life Regression


Spiritual Growth & Alchemy


End of Life Doula Services

Stress Management & Relaxation combines 4 modalities: Hypnosis, Reiki, Dense Energy Scan with Extraction, and Auriculotherapy. The purpose is to realign and increase your energies, create positive movement and flow throughout for an overall well-being. Identify and improve your current coping mechanisms to transform any negative emotional feelings into ones that serve you.

Loss, Grief & Bereavement session combines 4 modalities: Reiki, Hypnosis, EFT and Coaching to promote Healthy Grieving Skills to assist the flow of energy along the the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual bodies, assisting with the clearance & release of stagnant emotions, grief, blockages, and energies.

Spiritual Growth & Alchemy sessions are a Holistic approach to awaken your divinity, to healing, to transformation and growth of the Self through Hypnosis and Coaching. The purpose is to guide you guide yourself on your life journey to a life that serves you and your purpose and to help you explore your connection to God/Source/Higher Self.

This session is focused on the release any generational, or past life, energies that do not serve you.  With this modality, I will scan, locate, and remove dense energies stored in that area of your physical/energy/luminous body. Illumination to follow.

*One area/energy center/chakra per session.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you have a feeling that you have "been here before"? Past life regression hypnosis is a healing therapy that allows you to explore past lives and discover more about your current life's purpose.

A Soul Retrieval Journey may be recommended to move forward feeling more complete.

A doula is a guide through the transitions of the human condition. It is an ancient practice, once handed down in cultures and families. In modern societies, doulas serve to bridge the gaps that may occur in end of life support. We take the overwhelming complexity of the dying process and, in collaboration with other care providers, create a prepared and peaceful end of life experience for both the individual and their loved ones.


These sessions are focused on identifying habits, patterns and behaviors that do not serve you or your health. Perhaps you would like to manage your weight, or work on leaving that habit. It Includes 3 modalities that consist of: Weekly Hypnosis along with Auriculotherapy, and Coaching. You will identify and develop new positive coping mechanisms as well as develop an individualized plan that will help you release those negative patterns to empower you on your new healthy journey.
Stand-Alone Therapies Available
Hypnosis $85 60 mins
Reiki $70 60 mins (Long Distance Reiki Available)
Toe Readings $50 60 mins
Auriculotherapy $50 60 mins
Consultations $25 30 mins

Complimentary Enhancements
Every Visit Will Include The Use Of:
Floral Essences
Sound Therapy
Crystal Therapy
Essential Oils
Smudging (Herbal and/or Spray)
Dina Ramos

RN CCHt. CLC Reiki Master End-of-Life Doula

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner