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End of Life Doula


A doula is a guide through the transitions of the human condition. It is an ancient practice, once handed down in cultures and families. In modern societies, doulas serve to bridge the gaps that may occur in end-of-life support. We take the overwhelming complexity of the dying process and, in collaboration with other care providers, create a prepared and peaceful end of life experience for both the individual and their loved ones. None of my services are a one-size-fits-all, much less my doula services. Everyone will have their own and individual way of planning, coping, and transitioning.


1.-CONSULTATION/NEEDS ASSESSMENT/EDUCATION- During our initial meeting, we will discuss the services I offer, and your end-of-life planning needs. We will also discuss the fees for my services, which vary depending on the needs of each client. I will also provide education, answer, and clarify any questions you may have, and provide end of life symptom/care education needed to relieve the tensions that these times may bring.


2.-PLAN FULFILLMENT (if continued support and education is needed)-The dying process is not an exact science, and your needs likely will change over time.  Our ongoing connection ensures you and your loved ones are fully supported throughout your end-of-life experience.


3.-BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT- After death, I continue our engagement to ensure loved ones are supported in the early stages of grief.  These services will be offered at my office.


All Holistic Practice modalities are available to clients and families. Energy healing can provide peace and comfort, and as a result, provide palliation of physical and energetic symptoms in the client.


*Seniors(65+), Veterans and Healthcare Workers Discounts Available.  If these do not apply to you, please contact me to inquire about Discount Rate Application.


Hospice/Independent Consulting Contracts available.

Dina Ramos


Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner
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