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What To Expect



- I will meet you at the door when I am ready for you.

Please refrain from caffeine or stimulants before your hypnosis appointments.


In Office

-Get Comfortable

-Answer a Brief Medical History Questionnaire

-Use of any Holistic Modalities in the Past

(For your comfort, please, dress in comfortable clothes.)


Create Space

-Review Any Questions You May Have

-Set Intention/Reason for the Visit


Your Session Begins

-Begin session

-At the end of the session, we close with intention

-Schedule follow up appointment


Please text when you arrive and I will meet you at the door when I am ready for you. 

When you enter my office, I will encourage you to get comfortable. Once you are situated, we will address what inspired you to book the session with me.


From here, the session will be intuitively led. We will most likely dive into the emotions and sensations you’re feeling in your body as we discuss why you’re here and what you want to gain from the Healing Session. This may lead to me asking questions and bringing more awareness around your truth. That’s about the time we set intentions for what you’d like to receive from the Energy Healing/Holistic Work.

Typically we will then move into the Energy Healing/Holistic Work Before we do this, I usually give you a plan of where I intuitively feel lead to take the session. I may give you a visualization, meditation, message that comes to me intuitively either while I’m working on you or while I am listening to you. This varies for each client but I do find that people usually get exactly what they need from each session.


I do use Incense, Sage and Palo Santo to smudge before, and after (to open and close) Sacred Space,  sometimes I also use Lavender and Cedar and/or Copal as well. If you are sensitive to smoke or would prefer me not to use these, please make that known. 


Once I am bringing the session to a close, I will gently let you know that our time as come to an end.  We can sit and talk about your experience and recap what we talked about and any things I may give you to do or focus on between our appointments. 


Lastly, I will give you an option for payment and we rebook for your next visit. I highly recommend that you book more closely together (once a week or once every two weeks) when you first begin Spiritual/Energy Sessions for the best possible outcome. We can discuss this around the time we rebook and find what’s right for you, specifically! 

Dina Ramos


Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner
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